3D Swimming Pool Mosaics!

Make your pool more interesting!

We mount our tile mosaics on mesh and ship with grout colorant coordinated to the tile segments to further enhance a seamless 3D effect.These pool mosaics are easy for you, your tile installer or pool surfacer to install. As an additional service, we can also mount these same mosaics in rubber ( patent pending) for any pool, any time, tool free install. No need to even drain the pool!

All of our swimming pool mosaics are made here in the US. Our mosaics are not tiny. You really need a mosaic approaching 30" to be seen in the average 18-22 foot pool. Our prices are the best for decent sized pool mosaics. Our prices include the grout colorant that makes our mosaics appear seamless, hiding obvious white grout lines of typical mosaics.

The pictures of our pool tile mosaics on this site are genuine and sent from our customers No illustrations. No PhotoShop. Starting at $189. 

Green Sea Turtle

Size: Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large

Atlantic Dolphin

Size: Large or Small

Great White Shark

Size: Large

Video: How to put a 3D Pool Tile in your pool.


Spotted Ray

Size: Medium or Large


Size: Large

Pacific Dolphin

Size: Large or Small

All 3D Pool Tile Pool Accessories are Made in the USA
3D Pool Tile Pool Accessories Seen on Jay Leno

Loggerhead Turtle

Size: Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large

Reef Shark

In Traditional Mortar and Rubber Backed

Blue Tang

In Traditional Mortar and Rubber Backed

Clown Fish

In Traditional Mortar and Rubber Backed


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3D Pool Tile manufactures life-like swimming pool mosaics with a surprising 3D appearance. All of our pool mosaics are U.S. made. All of our pool mosaics are made up of genuine pool tile specifically designed for the swimming pool environment.

How are 3D Pool Tile pool mosaics different from those made by other swimming pool mosaic manufacturers?

  1. Our swimming pool mosaics are delivered with color coordinated grout colorant. This makes our pool mosaics appear seamless and gives the viewer less reference, enhancing the 3D appearance.
  2. 3D Pool Tile mosaics are at least 29 inches long. Pool mosaics much smaller than that tend to not show well in pools that are 16 feet long or more.
  3. 3D Pool Tile mounts all our swimming pool mosaics onto mesh for install prior to plaster or encased in rubber for any time/any pool install. These also appear seamless as they have color coordinatedmaterial between the tiles through out the mosaic.
  4. 3D Pool Mosaics look great in all pools: fiberglass, vinyl liner and plaster/Diamond Brite/Pebble pools--Even while the pool is full of water!!
  5. Save $100's and install yourself

Would you like to learn more about our 3D pool tile swimming pool accessories? Please see our "How to video" and our product description page or  call one of our knowledgeable sales staff. Want to place an order? Please call 1-978-799-7896 or chris@3DPoolTile.com.

All 3D Pool Tile mosaics are manufactured with REAL POOL TILE. We mount our tile mosaics on mesh or on rubber
(patent pending). Either way, we are mounting actual pool tile. This is not a pool mat, not a decal, not plastic or fiberglass and not a toy.